Soft Tissue Recession Around Implants – A common Complication

Today one of the first considerations for implant therapy is to achieve aesthetics results that are in harmony with the surrounding tissues. One of the major concerns is soft tissue recession around implants thay may appear over time (Adell et al. 1981; Grunder 2000) and this is an important issue not only for the patient but also for the clinician.

How to learn Periodontal Surgery with an App

I´m sure you have heard about that there is an app for even the most obscure need or interest. You can find an app that simulates you are drinking a cold beer, a app that makes a prank calls to your friends on your behalf with several sort of jokes. They are funny but just that: funny.

How to Create an Illustration

After receiving some emails from some followers, I decided to create this tutorial to introduce how I create my illustrations.

What is Papers 3 and how it works

Papers is an Appel Design Award and Ars Desig Award winning solution for managing research literatura. Now, it´s time for Papers 3 to take your personal library of research to a whole new level.

How much time I have to wait after an alveolar ridge preservation

We all know that unavoidable ridge resorption occurs after an extraction (I´m not going to mention the bibliography because I´m sure you all know those articles from Amler to Araujo & Lindhe), and among all the therapeutic options we have after an extraction, the most reliable approach in an aesthetic demanding case is preserving the alveolar crest as much as possible, and then place the implant.

Platform Switching. A Biological Concept

There some questions about what is or what is nor platform switching, and of course, what are the advantages of having a platform switched concept in the implants used in our daily practice.

10 Tips that Everyone Should Know Before Performing an Implant Treatment in the aesthetic zone

Nowadays, implantology is a predictable area and well-accepted by scientific community for missing or doubtful prognosis tooth reposition. More than 30 years ago, Brånemark and col. published the first articles that presented implantology as a safe and predictable method to rehabilitate edentulous patients if a standard protocol is performed, in which one of the key factors were the time the implant was submerged until loading (3 months for the jaw and 6 months to the maxilla)(Bränemark 1977).

Bio-Oss® Collagen in the Buccal Gap after an Inmediate Implant

In this article, Araujo & Lindhe conclude that “the placement of Bio-Oss Collagen in the void between the implant and the buccal-approximal bone walls of fresh extraction sockets modified the process of hard tissue healing, provided additional amounts of hard tissue at the entrance of the previous socket and improved the level of marginal bone-to-implant contact.