What is Papers 3 and how it works

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Papers is an Appel Design Award and Ars Desig Award winning solution for managing research literatura. Now, it´s time for Papers 3 to take your personal library of research to a whole new level. Papers keeps your library organized and portable, automatically downloads full-text content for your articles, shows you related content when reading, and lets you sync your library between home and work, whether you´re using Mac or PC, iPad or iPhone. Staying organized was never this easy.

It has a very friendly interface where you can manage all your literature about dentistry and other scientific fields. It is algo very helpful to write a manuscript when you are using Pages or Word, just by clicking two times the ctrl command you´ll find a display where you search the article and then with another simple click you had the reference to the manuscript.


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1- By clicking twice ctrl a new window is displayed where you type the article you are searching

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2- By clicking the chosen article it will be added to the manuscript. Multiple references can be added to the manuscript.


All your articles stored in your Mac/PC can be shared with your iPad or iPhone and with the new Dropbox feature for Papers 3, multiple devices can use the same library.
Here are some examples that I write using Papers:

1) Inmediate Implantes iBook

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2) Inmediate Loading iBook

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Download now your free trial of Papers 3 and see by yourself the amazing features and work-flow of working with Papers 3.