Periospot´s Bookshelf: April 2020

Periospot Bookshelf

Every month, we’re bringing you a few of the Periospot´s favorite business-related reads. Nothing related directly with dentistry, but can always help you to think “out-of-the-box”:

  • Finances: Financial Freedom is a book about how In 2010, 24-year old Grant Sabatier woke up to find he had $2.26 in his bank account. Five years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million, and CNBC began calling him “the Millennial Millionaire.” By age 30, he had reached financial independence. Along the way, he uncovered that most of the accepted wisdom about money, work, and retirement is either incorrect, incomplete, or so old-school it’s obsolete.
  • Team-Work: Great Teams and 16 things that high performing organizations do differently: This book was recommended to me by my friend Ricardo Mitrani, an amazing clinician, and communicator. There is nothing more magical than watching a team come together, to manage adversity as a group like the one we are living right now with COVID-19, selflessly give to others, to find common purpose. Inspiring that to happen year-in and year-out is what keeps us in leadership.
  • Management: Traction by Gino Wickman has been a guiding light for the Brew’s leadership team. If you’re looking for tools and strategies to lay out your business’s goals and meet them, start here. 

Have a suggestion for us? Drop it here. We’ll regularly feature some of our favorite reader recs.

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