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How to Solve Implant Complications

🎯 Find the real cause of trouble.

You will learn where to look and how to reveal the often hidden origins of complications, whether in the biology or the technical side.

You will then master the restorative and surgical interactions that most commonly predispose you to trouble, and you will learn how to prevent problems by applying proper design principles.

⚙️ Master repair and treatment

Whether technical, biological, or both, you will learn step by step how to design and execute successful problem-solving interventions.

You will learn the techniques and tools you will need to manage complications, from complex hardware “rescue” operations to the treatment of Peri-implantitis, including respective and regenerative surgery.

What’s in this course for you:

  • 3 Modules – 1 free!
  • 16 Blitz- Webinars
  • 17 How-to Videos
  • Clinical step-by-step procedures and toolbox
  • 3 e-books
  • Readings, resources
  • Assessments
  • Certificate and transcript
  • Community – Alumni
  • Hands-on training (add-on)
  • Live sessions (add-on)

Language: English

Duration: 3 hours

Level: Intermediate

Available: September 2020

Price: Early registration- 120€/ Regular price: 197€

Mentor: Francisco Teixeira Barbosa

Have you ever had the feeling that social media and marketing is not for you? Don´t worry. You are not alone.

In this course, we will address some of the main pain-points that we as dentists may find in our way to grow our social media and online presence.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction to social media and online marketing
  2. Why social media and online marketing
  3. Which social media channels should I manage
  4. What tools are the best to grow my social media presence
  5. Introduction to tips and tricks for:
    1. Instagram
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. Youtube
    5. Linkedin
  6. Introduction to Facebooks and Instagram ads: Where to start
  7. Copywriting and SEO. Get your webpage ranked to the top Google search.
Implant Dentistry for Periospoters

Language: English

Duration: 5 hours

Level: Intermediate

Available: September 2020

Price: Early registration- 180€/ Regular price: 290€

Mentors: Daniel Robles & Francisco Teixeira Barbosa

A comprehensive online course about implant dentistry with the best contents about implant dentistry.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction to implant dentistry
  2. Biological and clinical considerations
  3. Case selection and case planning
  4. Aesthetic implant dentistry: How to start managing aesthetic cases with implants:
    1. Case evaluation
    2. Protocols in the aesthetic zone
    3. Soft tissue procedures for volume augmentation
    4. Guide bone regeneration in the aesthetic zone
  5. Surgical considerations
  6. Restorative options
  7. Digital Implant Dentistry: What is possible and how to get started