How to learn Periodontal Surgery with an App

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I´m sure you have heard about that there is an app for even the most obscure need or interest. You can find an app that simulates you are drinking a cold beer, an app that makes prank calls to your friends on your behalf with several sorts of jokes. They are funny but just that: funny.

And for dentists? Do we have anything for us?

We have some great apps for dentists, one of them I just downloaded it some weeks ago, its name is Smile Capture, and is a great app if you don´t want to mess around with your 3.000€ photography equipment.

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But what about educational apps for dentistry?

I found one, and I have to say it’s great: Advanced Periodontal Surgery- An app that explains to you how to perform periodontal surgery with 3D images and stunning videos about the most used techniques in periodontal surgery: CAF, Connective tissue harvesting techniques, multiple recessions.

Also, there are exercises: Puzzles where you have to sort the images in the correct order and a test just to check you have learned the main takeaways of the explained techniques.

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This clear and useful application developed with 3D videos depicts the periodontal plastic surgical technique: the coronally advanced flap for the treatment of gingival recessions.

For each surgical procedure, you will find a detailed explanatory text and each step of the technique. You can hide it and show again when you need it while viewing the animation.

This application is designed for students of dentistry and dental practitioners who wish to update their knowledge of advanced periodontal surgery techniques.

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This is a must-have App for every clinician or student who wants to learn or even improve their actual practice. With excellent animations and 3D images is easy to understand the key points for all the techniques.

Also is a nice quick guide just before surgery if you have any doubt about any point (I hope that doesn´t happen to you, but just in case you have the answer in your pocket).